Let’s Explore the Facts About Sukıtır and Their Types


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Gigantic enhancement in traffic and transport difficulty requires some positive and practical solutions. Especially some eco-friendly way out. Here comes the Sukıtır as the best option for providing both benefits. Sukıtırs/scooty are a type of electric scooter that facilitates easy and economical transportation without adding to environmental pollution. Managing your transportation by yourself with convenience is the most advantageous feature of the vehicle. It is a blessing, especially in overcrowded areas prone to traffic jams. Let’s explore it. 

What kind of vehicle is Sukıtır? 

Sukıtır is a type of transport vehicle that operates on electricity and is gaining popularity in urban areas of Turkey. It gives a breezy ride experience through the heavy traffic with style and elegance. 

It is also capable of achieving a speed of up to 20 mph, which makes it ideal for urban residents, especially in hustling areas. Their designs are so productive that they are highly manageable and easy to carry, even on public transport. 

If you must travel by public transport for some part of your journey and then you need self transportation Sukıtır is the best option. It is a good choice for people 18 or above who want to avoid traffic problems. Furthermore, it helps to reduce environmental pollution with zero emissions and no carbon footprints. 

The working mechanism of Sukıtır 

The working mechanism is very simple and easy to operate. As Sukıtır is an electric vehicle, its system relies on a motor and battery. The motor is fitted in the rear wheel. Pedaling is out of consideration because it uses electric power to move on. You just need to stand on it and push the back wheel to move on. 

Control it with a throttle handle and your legs for speed and direction. It goes on smoothly, totally under your control. Sukıtırs/scooty has an embedded security system that makes it stand alone in the market. It intimates the rider about potential threats before they happen.

Types of Sukıtır/scooty

A variety of types and designs is available, and users can choose as per their preferences. Each of them has its benefits and comfort for the rider. Let’s explore some famous types.

Manual Sukıtır

As it is obvious by its name, it doesn’t have a motor or batteries. The rider has to operate it manually. It is the most basic site type of Sukıtır and most suitable for beginners.

Electric Sukıtır

 This type has embedded motors and batteries and uses electric power for its operations. You can charge it at your home before visiting the town on it. For long distances, it isn’t recommended.

Gas Powered Sukıtır

 Is is similar to other types with a basic difference that it is powered by gasoline engines and are costly than others. They have some additional features keeping in mind the comfort of users. 

PT Cruiser Sukıtır

It also has gained nationwide popularity because of its good features. It is best suited if you want someone to accompany you on your ride. A better understanding of features before using facilitates you the best.


Like other electric Sukıtır, it also uses a powerful motor and electric batteries to provide power to the motor. The additional feature is its convertible nature. You can fold it and carry it with you anywhere in public transport. You can also park it in small places after folding it. 

Pros and cons of Sukıtır

Everything we use has pros and cons, and the case is similar for Sukıtır/scooty. Let’s have a look into its pros and cons respectively.


Sukıtır is one of the simplest and safest ways of having your personal transport. 

It is easy to handle and operate even for beginners. 

Its small size makes it the best option for small spaces to move in and park.

It can be carried anywhere easily due to its low weight and reduced size. 

Require less maintenance. 


Its light-weightiness sometimes becomes problematic. You may not be able to drive it in a highly congested area. 

It could not be easy to find a secure parking place for it. Its less weight and size make it ideal for stealing also. 

Precautions while riding a Sukıtır

Your safety is the foremost concern when you use some personal transportation means, regardless of the vehicle type. However, safety measures may differ for each one. Here are some precautions for using Sukıtır particularly.

Keep a strong grip on Sukıtır and handles to control your vehicle.

In Sukıtır riding, you control the operations through your feet, so wearing suitable shoes is compulsory. Open shoes or sandals can be dangerous. Always wear close-toe shoes to have a strong grip.

Your dress should be suitable and fit enough that you can’t tangle with your Sukıtır. Always prefer using lightweight outfits which let the air pass through. 


Sukıtır is considered the best means of personal transport and is now gaining worldwide popularity. Many reasons advocate for its use; some of them include its lower price, easy operations, handiness, durability, and design. A lifetime warranty is another perk for its users. Visit: Entrepreneurship Definition


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