Let’s Know About Amanda Aldridge, an Amazing Singer, Musician and Teacher


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Amanda Aldridge was a great personality in the English music industry during the end of the Victorian era and the start of the modern era. She was the second student ever enrolled at RCM. Amanda Aldridge became graduated as an African-American student from the RCM (Royal College of Music) in voice and music. She got this wonderful opportunity by winning a scholarship.

In this article, we will try to cover different aspects of Amanda Aldridge’s life and profession. Let’s explore her life and passion.

Birth & Early Life of Amanda Aldridge

On a pleasant day in March 1866, Amanda Aldridge opened his eyes in Upper Norwood, London. She had two brothers and two sisters in her siblings. Her father was a famous actor of the Shakespearian era, Ira Aldridge. She completed his education in voice and music from RCM. 

Jenny Lind and Sir George Henschel were her teachers at the Royal College of Music. Both teachers were happy with her performance and appreciated her. She started her career as a concert singer and piano artist. She continued her singing career for many years until she suffered from throat disease.

Professional career of Amanda Aldridge

She took a career flight as a concert singer after completing her graduation. She continued until a severe throat disease stopped her from performing. Then she switched her career to composer and teacher and continued till her death.

Amanda Aldridge composed numerous love songs that became popular. It is said that more than thirty parlor love songs were published by her from 1907 to 1925 under the title Three African Dances.

To distinguish her composer identity, she used a pseudo name, Montague Ring. Some people believe that she wanted to hide her gender by using this name. Most of her compositions were based on poems of African-American writers. It was all her mother’s effort that she had a love for heritage from American-African culture. 

Amanda Aldridge as Teacher

She also proved herself as a music teacher and gave many popular singers to the industry. Roland Hayes and Paul Robeson were her two famous students who gained international fame and grew African-American heritage. 

One of her students was Marian Anderson, from the African-American community, who became the first artist to perform in the New York Metropolitan Opera. They also faced racism and were often deprived of many events due to their race. Anderson was also a part of the civil rights movement. 

As a music teacher, Amanda Aldridge has had many famous singers to her credit. She had a deep love for music and singing that remained vital till her death, earlier as a singer and later as a good teacher and composer.

In addition to her accomplished career as a teacher and composer, Amanda Christina Elizabeth Aldridge wholeheartedly dedicated herself to her family and her passion for music. The Aldridge family, it turned out, was a hub of musical talent, and Amanda was not the sole bearer of this gift.

Her sister, Luranah, achieved remarkable success as an opera singer, gracing renowned stages like the Royal Opera House and the Bayreuth Festival. 

Many famous personalities, such as George Sand and Charles Gounod, were part of Luranah’s social circle. They compliment her voice, ‘one of the most beautiful voices that exist.’ Woefully, Luranah’s career was interrupted and ended abruptly due to the invigorating effects of rheumatoid arthritis, which resulted in severe pain and depression. Amanda Aldridge loved her sister so much and attended her sister devotedly until the tragic event of Luranah’s suicide with a drug overdose in 1932.

Frederick, Amanda Aldridge’s brother, is obsessed with the talent of being a gifted concert pianist. A sad event ended his fortunate career abruptly. He committed suicide while suffering from fever by jumping out of a window. He was only 25 years old when this sad incident took place.

Although Amanda Aldridge bore severe personal losses, She preferred a life of firm dedication to her family and music; she didn’t marry and devoted all her life to her passion. In a poignant moment, she confided in her father’s biographer, stating, ‘Don’t you get the impression, young man, that Cupid stayed away from my door!’

Amanda remained active well into her later years, even achieving a television debut in the 1950s at 88. On the program “Music For You,” she accompanied Muriel Smith, who performed one of Amanda’s compositions. On 9th March 1956, Amanda Aldridge’s marvelous journey ended only one day earlier to her 90th birthday. Her admirable and beautiful contributions to the world of music keep her legacy eternal in history and in the hearts of music lovers.


Amanda Aldridge was the third child of African-American artists and completed his education in music and started her career as a concert singer and later on, shifted to composing and teaching. Numerous love songs and successful students are on her credit. Her contribution to the music industry is fabulous and will remain alive in the hearts of music lovers. Visit:  Entrepreneurship Definition


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